About The Kelso Gin Company

The company was formed on 8th July 2016 and we were granted our licence from HMRC on 15th September. After an intense run of testing and tasting, we produced our first batch of Borders Gin in December 2016 and held a free public gin tasting session in Kelso on 16th December 2016.

Crow's family lineage were rustlers and hustlers who eventually settled in the Borders, quickly learning to live off the land by using their horsemanship skills to travel far and wide, foraging the countryside, swapping  & sharing secret recipes and curing maladies. ​The Chief Alchemist at The Kelso Gin Company has a unique and finely tuned nose for botanicals, tastes and all things Gin. 

Armstrong comes from a long line of Borders Reivers, and is descended from Johnnie Armstrong, the famous Scottish raider and folk hero, immortalised by Sir Walter Scott.   Armstrong's father restored Gilnockie Tower in Dumfriesshire, and the passion for The Borders (as well as gin) runs deep in this family. Armstrong is the fourth generation of distillers in his family, with his father, Grandfather and Great Grandfather all having blazed the trail before him. The founder of Borders band, Tarras, as well as Antique Dealer, Armstrong brings a huge passion, drive and experience to the company.

Harry The Gin Dog can root out the most unusual botanicals you've never heard of!

Harry the gin dogHarry the gin dog