Our Gin

Twisted and Secret...

Our range of Kelso Gins will reflect the changing nature and seasons of the beautiful and bountiful Scottish Borders, using natural and locally foraged ingredients. Made by real people (with real passion) with the finest quality organic pure grain all based on The Crow Man's original powerful tinctures. Made in Kelso.

View of Eildon Hills from Scotts View

Heads, Tails and Hearts

In our gin?  Well, no actually, we only use the heart. The distillation process goes through many 'magical' transitions as gin is made but not all gin is made in the same way.

Not only is our gin genuinely distilled locally in Kelso, Scotland (rather than a big industrial site elsewhere, like many so-called 'craft' gins), but it's distilled in a very particular way.

When distillation happens, the initial product given off is called 'Heads', closely followed by 'Feints'. Unsurpisingly, both these are toxic, and need to be disposed of. Only the purest 'Heart' of the distillation process is what The Kelso Gin Company are interested in. We discard the 'Tails' (when the quality 'tails away'). Other distillers would re-process this 'pond-water, muddy stuff' for economical reasons. We don't. We dispose of that. It's all about pure quality.

The smooth, creamy taste of our gin is no surprise. We only use the finest pure organic grain.  And we only use the Heart...Like No Other.

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