Wojciech Vodka from the Kelso Gin Company. The first Scottish Borders Vodka.

Wojciech Vodka

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You know when The KGC release an Artisan VODKA it will be the best you've ever tasted. At 42% abv (quadruple distilled) it's the FIRST Vodka The Borders has ever produced.

KGC Wojciech vodka is a small batch, quadruple slow distilled vodka produced from the finest organic grain in Kelso.  

Wojciech (pronounced 'Voy-check') commemorates the life of the brown bear enlisted by the Polish Army as a Private among the soldiers of the 22nd Artillery Supply Company in 1942 (which is why our abv is 42%).

Wojciech initially had problems swallowing and was fed with condensed milk from an old vodka bottle. He became quite an attraction for soldiers and civilians alike, and soon became an unofficial mascot of all units stationed nearby.

Following the end of WW11 in 1945, Wojciech was transported to Berwickshire and stationed near Hutton.

42% ABV 70cl bottle

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